Kirby wins the President’s Award at the internationally recognised RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Awards

Kirby Group Engineering is proud to announce that it has achieved the President’s Award at the internationally recognised RoSPA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Awards. It’s a remarkable achievement as the company has now achieved this Gold Standard for twelve consecutive years.

Kirby is a values-driven business, and at its heart are the core values of People, Safety, Quality, Delivery and Value. These core values, and in particular Safety, have been central to its success at these awards. The President’s Award is a culmination of hard work and good practice by everyone at Kirby including its dedicated EHS team.

The RoSPA Health & Safety Awards are one of the most recognised schemes globally; with almost 2000 entries every year, they have a reach of over 7 million employees.

The prestigious awards offer organisations a prime opportunity to benchmark safety performance year on year and ensure consistent performance between sites.

They also provide an effective route to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to raising health and safety standards.

Organisations receiving this sought-after accolade are world leaders in health and safety management systems, including leadership and workforce involvement practices.

Kirby’s submission was based on the company’s EHS Management System, which is implemented and lived by its people and supply chain every day. Thanks to Kirby’s commitment to accident and ill-health prevention, the company can maintain this success.

Barry O’Brien, EHS Manager at Kirby, says: “Our commitment to ensuring everyone goes home safely at the end of every working day, and our dedication to our core values really played a vital role in us winning this award.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Kirby for helping us continue to raise the bar in the delivery of safety in the workplace. Without your efforts, awards like these wouldn’t be achievable.

I also want to thank our EHS Team and Chris Green, our EHS and Compliance Manager, for his significant input into the awards submission. Well done again.”

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