Project BIM Lead – UK

Location: UK
Department: BIM
Contract Type: Permanent / Full Time

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Project BIM Lead – UK

Role Purpose
Reporting to the BIM Manager the BIM Lead has overall responsibility for delivering all 3D and 2D co-ordination milestones within their given business unit. The role of the BIM Lead is that of a point of contact between the BIM team and operations. When not working on a specific project the BIM Lead will be based within their Business Unit office. Their role is to ensure direct line of communication between BIM and other organisational functions within the business unit.
Key Functions of the BIM Lead

  • Support the project team with regard to all co-ordination deliverables
  • Work closely with Project managers and site supervisors
  • Delivering all 3D and 2D deliverables set by the BIM ManagerPM
  • Supporting all parties working within the BIM process
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to reporting team members
  • Drive team towards providing efficiencies on projects through the application of technology

Project BIM Lead Responsibilities
In conjunction with your project team, you will be responsible for the execution of various stages of a project as follows:
Project Delivery

  • Point of contact for all BIM and co-ordination needs within their business unit
  • Technical support to the BIM engineers
  • Point of contact for BIM Manager with regard to project updates
  • Point of contact for site management team
  • Ensuring BIM engineer carries out all relevant duties
  • Detailing of 3D elements needed for design and co-ordination
  • Production of 3D model files through Revit and where needed Fabrication Cad
  • Production of 2D co-ordination and installation drawings
  • Ensuring that detailed model files are co-ordinated and clash free by clashing against federated model on a constant basis (every 30min)
  • Administration of Vault files
  • Clash detection of submitted files
  • Daily building of federated model
  • Ensure all files submitted in correct format
  • Attend weekly co-ordination meetings
  • Support all parties working within the BIM process
  • Assist with clash resolutions on site
  • Verification and preparation of layout drawings to meet contract requirements
  • Confers with project engineer and project management staff to resolve problems and explain drawings to production or construction teams and providing adjustments as necessary
  • Production of all verified record drawings
  • Production of all 2D project drawings
  • Updating and administrating of all co-ordination documents registers and drawings
  • Provide BIM manager with post project lessons learned

BIM Development

  • Help other team members develop their own BIM skills.
  • Attend site project meetings aiding the construction process and acting as an adviser to the site management with regard to co-ordination solutions.
  • Develop design knowledge with regard to Mechanical & Electrical systems allowing for value engineering and detailed co-ordination
  • Fully develop as a project co-ordinator driving efficiency’s on site through detailed co-ordination, value engineering and offsite fabrication.
  • Aid the BIM Manager with regard to reports, trackers & team Management developing the required skills to move to a management role.
  • You will proactively and vigilantly keep information secure and fully comply with the Kirby Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The above list of tasks, activities, responsibilities and accountabilities is not exclusive or exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake such tasks as may reasonably be expected within the scope and grading of the post. Job descriptions will be regularly reviewed to ensure they are an accurate representation of the post.

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