Electrical Site Supervisor | West Dublin

Location: West Dublin
Department: Operations - Leinster
Contract Type: Permanent / Full Time
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Electrical Site Supervisor | West Dublin

Role Purpose
The role of the Electrical Site Supervisor is to support the Site Manager in the organization and co-ordination of site-based activities and to lead and co-ordinate teams of Electrical Engineering trade professionals on site. The Supervisor will be responsible for tracking and recording of site daily activities and progress. They will lead their teams to deliver to quality, on time and to budget in a safe and efficient manner. They will deal with obstacles and develop team capacity.
Electrical Site Supervisor Responsibilities
In conjunction with your project team, you will be responsible for the execution of various stages of a project as follows:

  • Complete Variation Notification.

Time / Schedule Management:

  • Submit Labour allocation sheets weekly to Planner, QS, PM.
  • Manage and record weekly progress and advise PM accordingly.
  • Ensure metric trackers are completed weekly.

Scope Management:

  • Review and understand Tender Scope of works.
  • Attend Handover Meeting No. 1.
  • Review and agree Site Set-up with P.M.
  • Install Site Set-up in line with agreed plan.
  • Appoint person responsible to maintain Site set-up.
  • Attend Planning Meeting.
  • Forward Variations notification form.
  • Populate VE Assessment form.
  • Assist in the development of commissioning strategy.
  • Ensure the agreed commissioning strategy is on Site, implemented in full on site.
  • Attend Weekly project meeting with Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Manager is compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.


  • Understand Quality objectives of Project.
  • Review and understand Quality Plan.
  • Implement Quality Plan on site.
  • Following agreed ITP.
  • Execute Commissioning Plan.
  • Complete Weekly Audits and check lists.


  • Generate Snag Lists in line with quality plan.
  • Generate and update Master Snag with both internal and external snags.
  • Complete Quality Weekly Audit sheet.
  • Ensure Drawings are Red lined and signed in line with agreed schedule.
  • Check as-built drawings for accuracy.
  • Collate and File all documentation delivered with equipment.
  • Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Understand requirements associated with maintaining the correct files on site.
  • Forward any documentation issued directly to site to the PM who will control document issue.
  • Advise PM if NCR is deemed necessary.
  • Attend Weekly project meeting with Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Manager is compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of project.


  • Know and Understand the safety objectives of the project.
  • Review and understand the Site specific EHS Plan and advise Project Manager of any proposed amendments.
  • Ensure all site-based personnel are inducted including subcontractors.
  • Ensure relevant training records are on file.
  • Update Hazard Identification Log.
  • Review hazard Identification Log in conjunction with EHS advisor and ensure risk assessments are carried out and decide if SPA or method statements are required.
  • Ensure method statements are in place and training is provided where required.
  • Ensure SPA’s are in place when required and training takes place.
  • Encourage participation by all in SEOR scheme.
  • Ensure prompt close out of SEORS.
  • Assist Project Manager is compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.
  • Ensures that Health and Safety regulations and the company safety policy are followed and to insist that the prescribed standards are observed.
  • Examines the workplace regularly for potential hazards and to ensure that these hazards are eliminated, or appropriate controls adopted and followed.
  • Ensures that in so far as is reasonably practical safe systems of work are in place and followed.
  • Maintains a tidy workplace. Ensures that cleaning up takes place regularly or as work is carried out and places of work and access routes are kept clear.
  • Ensures that all employees and visitors under our control wear personal protective equipment where required, particularly safety helmets, safety boots, glasses and/or other items required to be worn, by the client and or identified through risk assessment and SDS.
  • Ensures that adequate supplies of protective equipment are available.
  • Ensures that only trained operatives are employed on equipment and machinery for which such training is required.
  • Ensures that all plant and machinery including power and hand tools are in a good condition and that statutory, in-house inspection and maintenance procedures are carried out as required.
  • Ensures that any defects in plant and equipment are rectified.
  • Ensures that general safety inspections including ‘Site Supervisor Safety Audit’ are carried out, ensures that outstanding items are acted upon by.
  • Maintains the site safety file for inspection by the Contracts Manager and Safety Advisor.
  • Ensures that employees are instructed on method statements and specific risk assessments as required.


  • Conducts “Tool Box” talks and keeps attendance records in the site safety file.
  • Inform the employees of the safety performance on site and any improvements needed.


  • Ensures use of employee’s personal protective equipment and maintains PPE issue record in the site safety file.
  • Takes charge of incident situations – calls emergency services and informs relevant parties.
  • Accompanies the injured party to the clinic or hospital, maintains contact with the injured party and communicates developments to the company management.
  • Carries out initial investigation and arranges for further investigation as required, reports to supervisors.
  • Implements remedial actions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Ensures the adequate arrangements for emergencies are planned for each task and that competent persons are designated for actions in case of emergency.
  • Ensures the adequate fire-fighting equipment is available where necessary.
  • Ensures that the site first aid box is adequately stocked and maintained.
  • Ensures that all power tools are 110 volts.
  • Issues permits, ensures that the requirements for these permits are maintained and copies of all work permits are filled in the safety file e.g. hot work permit to work etc. when competent to do so.
  • To show a personal example by wearing safety clothing and equipment provided.
  • To carry out his/her duties as laid out in the section covering Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.
  • To ensure that employees do not participate in horseplay or improper conduct at the place of work.
  • To issue warnings both written and verbal if required of instructed to do so.
  • Removes any person from the workplace deemed to present a hazard to themselves or others and report them to management.
  • To ensure that Site Induction is carried out for all employees when they first arrive on Site.
  • The above duties will be delegated to the site Chargehand in the event of the site Supervisor being absent from site.
  • Attend Weekly project meeting with Project Manager.


  • Review and Understand Procurement/Technical submittal Schedule.
  • Track Delivery of all orders to ensure delivery dates align with procurement schedule and programme.
  • Order minor materials in line the IFC requirements and track delivery.
  • Advise Project manager if potential NCR should be issued to vendors/subcontractors.


  • Review and understand Organisational Chart for the Project and understand the roles and responsibilities (understand who decision makers are).
  • Identify any gaps in org chart and advise Project Manager.
  • Assist Project manager with the development of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and the allocation of resources of same.
  • Maintain daily records of personnel on site both direct employees and subcontractors.
  • Manage resource levels on site in line with approved schedule.


  • Ensure Biometric clock is in operation and all operatives are instructed on its use. (including subcontractors).
  • Complete labour allocation sheet on weekly basis.
  • Complete HR advisory notices as appropriate.
  • Complete Employee assessment forms for charge-hands tradesmen and apprentices.
  • Advise PM on performance of subcontractors’ compliance with our expectations.
  • Assist Project Manager in compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.
  • Attend Weekly project meeting with Project Manager.


  • Review and understand communication matrix.
  • Maintain and Distribute Project Records as appropriate.
  • Assist Project Manager in compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.

Risk Register:

  • Assist PM in identifying Risks at outset of project.
  • Assist PM in identifying mitigation measures to reduce risk.
  • Ensure Mitigation measures are implemented on site.
  • Review and understand Risk Register.
  • Identify new risks that arise during construction and advise PM.
  • Attend Weekly project meeting with Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Manager in compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.


  • Assist PM in developing an Organisational structure for The Client and advise of changes as project progresses (understand who decision makers are!)
  • Assist PM in developing an Organisational structure for The Consultant and advise of changes as project progresses (understand who decision makers are!)
  • Ensure site set-up and branding is executed as per site setup plan.
  • Ensure office’s, meeting rooms, welfare facilities are in presentable manner.
  • Engage with client and consultants on personnel level and feed useful information back to PM/BD.
  • Enquire about possible leads for future projects and pass information to PM/BD.
  • Attend social outings when organised.
  • Attend weekly project meeting with Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Manager in compiling Lesson’s learned at the end of every project.

The above list of tasks, activities, responsibilities and accountabilities is not exclusive or exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake such tasks as may reasonably be expected within the scope and grading of the post. Job descriptions will be regularly reviewed to ensure they are an accurate representation of the post.

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